Wolvens Seventy

Wolvens Seventy Grain Free Dog Food has been expertly formulated by Britain’s top canine nutritionists to provide a natural, perfectly balanced, complete food. Perfectly designed to provide all the healthy nutrition to keep working dogs on the go and all dogs in great shape.

Wolvens Grain Free

Wolvens Grain Free  Dog Food is a natural complete and balanced feed. Including at least 50% meat or fish, with a minimum of 26% freshly prepared. Free from grain, cereal, bulk fillers, artificial colours and preservatives this is a food that’s as tasty as it is healthy.

Wolvens SP

Wolvens SP (Super Premium) includes the highest quality ingredients using a hypoallergenic recipe that is free from wheat and wheat gluten. Formulated with 52% meat/rice content as well as oats, for slow release energy and omega oils for healthy skin and coat.

Welcome to Wolvens Feeds!

We’re an independent dog food company, producing carefully formulated dog foods to the highest standards.  All our foods have been designed by the country’s top canine nutritionists and produced by Britain’s leading manufacturer of dog food.

We use only human grade meats produced on British farms and never add any colourants or preservatives to our food. We’re confidant that once you try our foods you’ll see the difference in your dogs’ condition and health.
You’ll also see a difference in price. As our foods come directly from the manufacturer to you, not only are they fresher, but we can offer higher quality at a lower price than other brands.

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We’re Still Here And Serving You and Your Pets.

We are still encouraging customers to continue to shop online and order home delivery. However our shop in Forest Green is now open to customers, for limited hours. MON’ – WED’ – FRI’ 10am – 1pm & SAT’ 10am-4pm.  If you are a local customer, take advantage of the ‘Shop Local’  part of our site to pick all your usual products and we’ll drop them round to your house, absoluetely free of charge. UK customers can, of course, still buy Wolvens Dog Food online and have it delivered for free anywhere in the UK mainland. Stay Home, Stay Safe, Shop Local, Shop Wolvens.

If You can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch with us.   FREE LOCAL DELIVERY. Shop Local, Shop Wolvens

Click the link to go to our WOLVENS LOCAL Page or contact us on 07908 422601 / info@wolvens.co.uk for details.