Biologically Balanced, Natural Nutrition

Our Grain Free is packed with at least 50% ethically sourced delicious meat or fish, much of it freshly prepared, supplemented with sweet potato and other healthy ingredients. Free UK delivery

Puppies couldn’t get a better start in life than with our Grain Free Puppy Food. Carefully selected meat and fish,  from traceable sources, make up 60% of this delicious health food for pups. Free UK delivery

Our Grain Free Senior food has been carefully  adjusted to perfectly suit older dogs. We also include a Joint Aid Pack to help support bones and muscle in advanced years. Free UK delivery

We don’t just produce world beating dog food, we’ve used our expertise to develop possibly the world’s best cat food too. As you’d expect, high meat content and grain free with free UK delivery

Wolvens Local Shop, Online

We can deliver Wolvens Dog food anywhere in the country free of charge, but if you’d like to stock up on other products, including poultry food and bird food, you can visit our shop in Forest Green, Surrey

At our shop in Forest Green, Surrey we sell more than our fantastic dog food. If you live within 10km of RH5 5RZ, check our Online Local Shop. Or come over and visit us. Bring the dog! 

Whether you live 1 mile away or 1000 miles away all Wolvens Dog Foods can be delivered to your home FREE OF DELIVERY charges, within 48 hours. Choose your Wolvens Dog Food here.

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If your dog is having puppies, let us share the cost. We’ll help feed mum and the litter and send every pup to its new home with its own FREE  bag of Wolvens Puppy Food.