Bulk Treats. Large size boxes of natural treats
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Goat Ears. Pack of 50
Product ID Bt.Jr5
Jr.goats Ears. Natural Low fat chew. Pack of 50
Price: £60.00
Paddywack Dog Treats Bulk 1kg
Product ID BT.Hol1
Hollings Paddywack Natural Chews 2kg
Price: £40.00
Pigs Ears. Net of 50
Product ID BT.Jr1
Pigs Ears. Net of 50 ears
Price: £50.00
Braided Lamb Skin Chew 1kg
Product ID BT.Jr3
JR Braided Lamb treats for dogs (Misfits.Irregular Size) 1kg
Price: £40.00
Bulls Pizzle. 1kg
Product ID BT.Jr2
1kg Bulls Pizzle. Dog Chew.
Price: £90.00
Beef Tails 1kg
Product ID BT.Jr4
Jr Natural Beef Tails 1kg
Price: £40.00