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Why Is Small Breed Dog Food Different?

Because dogs come in all shapes and sizes, they can have different dietary requirements. Smaller breeds can benefit from a dog food that differs from regular dog food


Smaller breeds often need food with a different energy content to larger breeds, as they have different metabolic rates. Nutrient and calorie levels also need to be adjusted to provide maximum benefit to smaller breeds.


The kibble size for smaller dogs is smaller than regular dog food, helping them to eat and digest their food more easily


Small dogs often lead longer lives than larger dogs. According to a recent study, small breeds are more likely to have good digestion because they have double the intestinal mass of a large breed dog to digest and absorb nutrients. Therefore, owners need to keep their dogs at a healthy weight and provide them with a balanced nutritional diet.


Wolvens Grain Free Small Breed recipes are formulated with the needs of small breed dogs a priority. The size and shape of the kibble is an optimal size for small breed dogs with a crunchy kibble texture. The carefully balanced ingredients contain everything to ensure that small dogs are provided with optimal energy and nutrition levels

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Wolvens Puppy Plan

Is your dog having pups? Let us help take a load off you by making sure mum has all the optimum nutrition that she needs and the pups get the best start in life. We will supply FREE FOOD for your pregnant bitch as well as sending a bag of puppy food off with the pups to their new home. Get in touch with us for details.