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Have You Tried Our New Range of Natural Treats and Chews?

 Simply air dried, 100% natural, single source protein treats and chews the way nature intended. We’ve got some great choices too, including Goat, Ostrich and Kangaroo as well as the more traditional Chicken, Beef and Lamb

Try Goat Ears. Natural & Sensitive on the Stomach

A 100% natural dog treat to satisfy the chewing instinct. Goats Ears are  packed with chondroitin – great for maintaining joint health. Suitable for all dogs and puppies over 12 weeks

many of our natural treats and chews range are available to bulk buy in larger sizes. Stock up with 50 pigs ears or 2kgs of PaddyWack and save while you buy big. Bulk buys are cheaper by the kilo and wherever you are, we’ll deliver to your home.
Turkey Isn’t Just For Christmas

Turkey meat is a great lean protein source for your dog. Rich in essential amino acids, It’s also low in fat and a great source of essential nutrients such as riboflavin, potassium and selenium.

Wolvens Adult Turkey recipe has 50% Turkey – minimum of 26% Freshly Prepared. Highly digestible and nutritious. Wolvens Grain Free Turkey has a protein balance designed to leave your dog feeling satisfied, whilst supporting lean muscle mass and healthy body weight.

How well Can Dogs See?

We Know that Dogs have great noses and hearing, but what about their eyes?

Five Christmas Dog Films That Get Santa Paws Approval

Grain Free Chicken is our customers’ most popular dog food. It’s a great choice, providing tasty protein and as a lean meat, it’s lower in fat than many others.  Chicken is also a good source of vitamins & minerals and omega-3  & 6 fatty acids which help sustain healthy skin and shiny coats. It’s also a great at providing essential amino acids and glucosamine, which help promote bone health

Give your dog an immunity boost this winter with a high protein, nutrition packed combination of one 15kg bag of Grain Free Chicken and a Natural Treat Box and save £5 when you buy them together

Have You Tried Wolvens Natural Treat Box?

Dogs thrive on wholesome meat products, and consequently natural dog treats are growing in popularity, especially with the health conscious dog owner.

Rich in good quality protein as well as other natural nutrients and free from artificial additives, chemicals and preservatives Natural dog treats are easy to digest and gentle on the stomach; the high-quality ingredients mean less waste as the dog’s body can digest more of the chew.

Wolvens Natural Treats are beneficial for your dog’s health in a number of other ways. There is less risk of allergic reactions and ingredient intolerance, and the healthy protein and minerals can help to promote healthy coat, skin, immunity and cognition

Natural chews also help clean teeth. The strong chewing promotes healthy teeth and gums with out unnatural sugars or other unhealthy ingredients often found in manufactured treats.

But it’s not all about health. Dogs love to chew as it can help break boredom and help de-stress them. Nothing could be tastier or healthier, for a dog, than our variety box full of natural, healthy chews. 

  • Healthy Quality Protein           
  • Easy to Digest
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Great for Dental & Gum Health
  • Can Act as a Natural Wormer.
  • Helps Break Boredom and Aids Psychological Wellbeing
  • High in Minerals. Low in Calories

Why Is Small Breed Dog Food Different?

Because dogs come in all shapes and sizes, they can have different dietary requirements. Smaller breeds can benefit from a dog food that differs from regular dog food


Smaller breeds often need food with a different energy content to larger breeds, as they have different metabolic rates. Nutrient and calorie levels also need to be adjusted to provide maximum benefit to smaller breeds.


The kibble size for smaller dogs is smaller than regular dog food, helping them to eat and digest their food more easily


Small dogs often lead longer lives than larger dogs. According to a recent study, small breeds are more likely to have good digestion because they have double the intestinal mass of a large breed dog to digest and absorb nutrients. Therefore, owners need to keep their dogs at a healthy weight and provide them with a balanced nutritional diet.


Wolvens Grain Free Small Breed recipes are formulated with the needs of small breed dogs a priority. The size and shape of the kibble is an optimal size for small breed dogs with a crunchy kibble texture. The carefully balanced ingredients contain everything to ensure that small dogs are provided with optimal energy and nutrition levels

Find out what you can do to help improve your dog’s quality of life.